The 10 Wonderful Movies About Human-Animal Relationships

The 10 Wonderful Movies About Human-Animal Relationships

Human beings are animal too, but they are different from other animal definitely. Animals are closely tied to human being in all kinds of ways, such as friendly, horror, offensive, cute and so on. This list of 10 wonderful movies about Human-Animal relationships you must see.

War Horse

Release Date 2011-12-25
Rating : 7.1 Production Companies: DreamWorks SKG / Amblin Entertainment / Director: Adam Somner / Adam Somner / Stars: Tom Hiddleston  /  Benedict Cumberbatch  /  Toby Kebbell

Summary: Follows a young man named Albert and his horse, Joey, and how their bond is broken when Joey is sold to the cavalry and sent to the trenches of World War One. Despite being too young to enlist, Albert heads to France to save his friend.


Release Date 1975-06-18
Rating : 7.5 Production Companies: Universal Pictures / Zanuck/Brown Productions / Director: Tom Joyner / Tom Joyner / Stars: Roy Scheider  /  Robert Shaw  /  Richard Dreyfuss

Summary: An insatiable great white shark terrorizes the townspeople of Amity Island, The police chief, an oceanographer and a grizzled shark hunter seek to destroy the bloodthirsty beast.

Life of Pi

Release Date 2012-11-20
Rating : 7.3 Production Companies: Ingenious Film Partners / Ingenious Media / Director: Ang Lee / Ang Lee / Stars: Suraj Sharma  /  Irrfan Khan  /  Ayush Tandon

Summary: The story of an Indian boy named Pi, a zookeeper's son who finds himself in the company of a hyena, zebra, orangutan, and a Bengal tiger after a shipwreck sets them adrift in the Pacific Ocean.


Release Date 2008-11-21
Rating : 6.3 Production Companies: Walt Disney Pictures / Walt Disney Animation Studios / Director: Rick Moore / Rick Moore / Stars: John Travolta  /  Miley Cyrus  /  Susie Essman

Summary: Bolt is the star of the biggest show in Hollywood. The only problem is, he thinks it's real. After he's accidentally shipped to New York City and separated from Penny, his beloved co-star and owner, Bolt must harness all his "super powers" to find a way home.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Release Date 2018-06-06
Rating : 6.6 Production Companies: Director: Jo Beckett / Jo Beckett / Stars: Chris Pratt  /  Bryce Dallas Howard  /  Rafe Spall

Summary: Several years after the demise of Jurassic World, a volcanic eruption threatens the remaining dinosaurs on the island of Isla Nublar. Claire Dearing, the former park manager and founder of the Dinosaur Protection Group, recruits Owen Grady to help prevent the extinction of the dinosaurs once again.


Release Date 2003-07-22
Rating : 6.9 Production Companies: Universal Pictures / Spyglass Entertainment / Director: Adam Somner / Adam Somner / Stars: Jeff Bridges  /  David McCullough  /  Chris Cooper

Summary: True story of the undersized Depression-era racehorse whose victories lifted not only the spirits of the team behind it but also those of their nation.

King Kong

Release Date 2005-12-12
Rating : 6.6 Production Companies: WingNut Films / Universal Pictures / Director: Peter Jackson / Peter Jackson / Stars: Naomi Watts  /  Jack Black  /  Adrien Brody

Summary: In 1933 New York, an overly ambitious movie producer coerces his cast and hired ship crew to travel to mysterious Skull Island, where they encounter Kong, a giant ape who is immediately smitten with the leading lady.

Princess Mononoke

Release Date 1997-07-12
Rating : 8.3 Production Companies: Studio Ghibli / Nibariki / Director: Hayao Miyazaki / Hayao Miyazaki / Stars: Yōji Matsuda  /  Yuriko Ishida  /  Yūko Tanaka

Summary: Ashitaka, a prince of the disappearing Ainu tribe, is cursed by a demonized boar god and must journey to the west to find a cure. Along the way, he encounters San, a young human woman fighting to protect the forest, and Lady Eboshi, who is trying to destroy it. Ashitaka must find a way to bring balance to this conflict.


Release Date 2004-06-10
Rating : 5.3 Production Companies: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / Davis Entertainment / Director: Bill Murray / Bill Murray / Stars: Bill Murray  /  Breckin Meyer  /  Jennifer Love Hewitt

Summary: Garfield, the fat, lazy, lasagna lover, has everything a cat could want. But when Jon, in an effort to impress the Liz - the vet and an old high-school crush - adopts a dog named Odie and brings him home, Garfield gets the one thing he doesn't want. Competition.

War for the Planet of the Apes

Release Date 2017-07-11
Rating : 6.9 Production Companies: Director: Andy Serkis / Andy Serkis / Stars: Judy Greer  /  Woody Harrelson  /  Andy Serkis

Summary: Caesar and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless Colonel. After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind. As the journey finally brings them face to face, Caesar and the Colonel are pitted against each other in an epic battle that will determine the fate of both their species and the future of the planet.